Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Who We Are

CEWL is a research group comprised of faculty members, research associates, and graduate students at both the M.Ed. and Ph.D. levels.

Dr. Peter Chin talking in front of a poster presentation titled "The Bike Rackers".

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Nancy Hutchinson is Professor and specializes in students with learning disabilities. In 1998, she was co-winner of the inaugural annual Excellence in Research Award of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.
  • Dr. Peter Chin is Associate Professor and has expertise in science education and is interested in science teaching and learning in school and workplace environments.
  • Dr. Joan Versnel is Assistant Professor and OT-Post-professional Graduate Coordinator at Dalhousie University. Her interest is in occupational development and transitions from youth to adulthood.

Current Graduate Students

  • CJ Dalton
  • Jenn Dods
  • Lorraine Godden
  • ​Marcia Ingersoll
  • Connie Taylor

Current Associates

  • Carol Booth

Additional Graduate Students from previous years 

  • Ingrid Astrom
  • Gabriel Ayala 
  • Dr. Derek H. Berg 
  • Anne Beveridge
  • Wanda Beyer
  • Christine Chapman
  • Fiona Clark
  • Malcolm Cunningham
  • Nancy Dalgarno
  • Marina Davydovskaia 
  • Chris DeLuca
  • Jenn deLugt
  • Karol Lyn Edwards
  • Linda Gao
  • Anne Hardacre
  • Alison Hill
  • Katherine Ho
  • Dr. Cinde Lock
  • Kathleen Manderville
  • Vicky Marrack
  • Liz McLaughlin
  • Wendy Mills de España
  • Elsa Mihotic
  • Allyson O’Grady
  • Dr. Cheryl Poth
  • Dr. Soodabeh Salehi
  • Dr. Karin Steiner-Bell
  • Dr. Jenny Taylor
  • Toni Thornton
  • Shireen VanBuskirk
  • Jolene Wintermute
  • Jonathan Young
  • Dr. Mike Zanibbi

Undergraduate Students

  • Carrie Wise (2002)
  • Nathalie DeBonville (2003)
  • Ernst Reimer (2005-2006)