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Welcome to the Classroom Assessment Research Team 

Led by Dr. Christopher DeLuca , the Classroom Assessment Research Team works to rethink classroom assessment theory and practice through leading empirical scholarship. The Classroom Assessment Research Team explores the complexities of educational assessment in schools across several nationally funded projects (see below) and in partnership with colleagues from around the world. The Team’s research has been published in top-quality Canadian and international journals including Assessment in Education, Educational Assessment, Teaching and Teacher Education, Teachers College Record, and Journal of Teacher Education.  

Contact: Christopher DeLuca cdeluca@queensu.ca | www.cdeluca.com


Team Members
Christopher DeLuca, Associate Professor
Heather Braund, PhD student, SSHRC-funded
Agnieszka Chalas, PhD candidate, SSHRC-funded
Andrew Coombs, PhD student, SSHRC-funded
​Danielle LaPointe-McEwan, PhD student 
Amir H. Rasooli, PhD student, International Fellowship
Christine Romain-Tappin, PhD student
Suparna Roy, PhD candidate, SSHRC-funded
Adelina Valiquette, PhD candidate, SSHRC-funded

Rethinking Assessment Literacy

Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory

This SSHRC-funded research develops a diagnostic tool – the Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory – to assess teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment based on contemporary professional standards. Through a series of studies across contexts, this research has contributed to expanding notions of assessment literacy with implications for teacher practice.  


Rethinking Assessment of Creativity

Building Creative Capacity through Assessment for Learning in the Arts

This SSHRC-funded study with Dr. Benjamin Bolden examines systematic efforts to support practicing teachers’ use of assessment for learning in arts classrooms. Specifically, this research leverages assessment as a pedagogical practice to enhance creativity in students.You can find more information on Benjamin Bolden's website


Rethinking Grading: What’s in a Grade?

A multiple perspective validity study on grading policies, practices, values, and consequences

The purpose of this SSHRC-funded study with Dr. Liying Cheng is to explore current grading practices and policies in Canada and China to better understand the validity of grading decisions. You can find more information on the What's in a Grade webpage


Rethinking Assessment Education: Preparing Teachers for the Age of Accountability

An international partnership for enhancing teacher education in assessment

This SSHRC-funded international partnership examines the preparation of teachers in assessment within Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Rethinking Kindergarten Assessment

Constructing an Integrated Assessment Framework for Play-based Kindergarten Education

This SSHRC-funded research with Dr. Angela Pyle supports kindergarten teachers by developing a framework for assessing academic learning within play-based pedagogical environments.


Rethinking Professional Learning in Assessment

Building Teacher Capacity in Assessment for Learning

This research considers the professional development supports required for enhancing teachers’ integration of assessment for learning in classrooms.

Recent Publications

DeLuca, C., Pyle, A., Roy, S., Chalas, A., & Daniels, E. (in press). Perspectives on kindergarten assessment: Towards a common understanding. Teachers College Record.

DeLuca, C., Chapman-Chin, A., LaPointe-McEwan, D., & Klinger, D. (in press). Students’ perspectives on assessment for learning. The Curriculum Journal.

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If you are interested in the work of the Classroom Assessment Research Team, please contact: Dr. Christopher DeLuca