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Faculty of Education

Bob Burge Conferred Trustee Emeritus

Bob Burge
The Queen’s University Board of Trustees has conferred upon Bob Burge the honorary life title of Trustee Emeritus. 

The title Trustee Emeritus recognizes former trustees who have demonstrated exemplary service to the Board and to the University during their tenure as a trustee. It is expected that a Trustee Emeritus will have the ability and willingness to further the University’s external relationships and to serve as an advocate on behalf of the University. Furthermore, they will be prepared to demonstrate a capacity and willingness to continue to add value to the University or the Board from time to time in the future.

Bob joined the Faculty of Education in 2008, as Education Registrar, and served as an internal trustee, representing the staff constituency, from 2008-15.

Congratulations Bob!