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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Art that Inspires 2019

Presented by The Studio Gallery

A Showcase of Art Created for Projects and Assignments in CURR 379/380 Visual Art IS, Alan Wilkinson, Instructor and Arts in Education K-12 Concentration, Angela Solar, Instructor.


Gregory Gwozdowski
Delich,Mostow,O'Brien, Pisani, VanLeur, Zenobio_AcrylicPaintOnCanvas
Delich,Mostow,O'Brien, Pisani, VanLeur, Zenobio
David (Eunsuk) Oh


  • Hayley Allen
  • Brianna Angus
  • Lauren Backa
  • Morgan Chin-Yee
  • Brendan Coutinho
  • Alessandra D’Ingillo
  • Ashley Dean
  • Christie Dehoop
  • Michaela Delich
  • Paula Di Battista
  • Gregory Gwozdowski
  • Julia Hegmann
  • Rob Holinaty
  • Jessica Ing
  • Khadijah Jabari
  • Stella Jing
  • Kathryn Jonker
  • Elektra Kamoutsis
  • Stephanie Keilhack
  • Vanessa Kiriakou
  • Emily Klaassen
  • Lisa Liang
  • Carlie MacKrell
  • Neroja Mahendrarajah
  • Pamela Mariano
  • Kel Martin
  • Hannah Mostow
  • Sabrina Ney
  • Jaclyn O’Brien
  • David (Eunsuk) Oh
  • Sara Pisani
  • Mika Rizzo
  • Danielle Ruderman
  • David Sippert
  • Vincent Spremulli
  • Serena Stabile
  • Corrina Taccone
  • Jenna Trizzino
  • Nik Ulanicki
  • Connelly van Leur
  • Shelby VanLuven
  • Alex Vujacic
  • Angela Wang
  • Morgan Williams
  • Alyssa Yee
  • Karissa Young
  • Tanya Zenobio
  • Patrick  Zumpano

The Studio will be open during the Convocation Reception on June 6 from 5:30-6:30pm.

You are also invited to an Opening Reception on Thursday, June 13 from 4:00-6:00pm. Light refreshments will be served.


Open by Appointment

Information solara@queensu.ca  

The Studio Gallery is located in B144, McArthur Hall, Queen’s Faculty of Education. 

Travel west on Student Street and turn right just before the Jean Royce Hall doors.