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How to Apply - Aboriginal Teacher Education Community-Based

For information on this program, please visit the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (Community-Based).

Applicants to the Primary-Junior Aboriginal Teacher Education Community-Based program submit official transcripts from each institution attended and the Supplemental Documents listed below.

Apply now at:

ATEP Community Based students in Manitoulin Island

Supplemental Documents for Aboriginal Teacher Education

  Supplemental Document Method of Submission

The online Aboriginal Teacher Education Applicant Information Form (the information collected is kept confidential and is used to maintain data on Aboriginal admissions).

Automatically submitted using the form

A résumé providing a clear and concise overview of both (a) your academic background, and (b) work experience.

Submit to Student Services Office (by email or mail)

Reference letters from two respected members of your Aboriginal community (e.g., Elders, Community Leaders, Work Supervisors, Social/School Counsellors, Educators, Director of local Friendship Centres). The referees must be able to comment on Aboriginal community contributions which you have made, and your potential to serve in the field of Aboriginal education. Only original letters in a sealed envelope, containing original signatures, will be accepted.

Submit to:
Student Services Office

Statement of Aboriginal Experience (SAE). Please consider your future in Aboriginal education when you are completing the SAE. Personal qualities and experiences are vitally important to the successful educator. The Faculty of Education encourages applicants to focus their ASE on what would make you a good teacher. When listing an extracurricular activity or employment opportunity, describe the impact of this experience and the greatest learning outcome for you from the perspective of how that would make you a good teacher. The readers of your SAE will be looking for you to explain how your experiences will help you as a future educator.

Method of Submission:
Automatically submitted using the form

Highschool transcript showing completion of Ontario Secondary School Diploma (for those without an undergraduate degree).

Submit to:
Student Services Office

If you have questions or for contact information, please see Student Services Office.




Application Fees

To reduce a potential barrier for applicants to the ATEP Community-Based program, the Faculty of Education will offer payment vouchers to cover the base OUAC/TEAS application fee (maximum $159) and the Queen’s supplemental fee (maximum $80).

*Applicants are encouraged to apply to any Teacher Education program. However, if an applicant to the Q13 or Q14 ATEP Community-Based (P/J) program is applying to other programs/choices through OUAC/TEAS, the commitment of Queen’s Faculty of Education to subsidize the application fees will only extend to the Q13 and Q14 programs. If an applicant applies to more than the Q13 or Q14 programs, it is the responsibility of the applicant to pay all OUAC/TEAS upfront. Queen’s will reimburse applicants for the Q13 or Q14 portion of application fees. Questions should be addressed to educstudentservices@queensu.ca.

Steps to Apply

  1. Create an account through Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) and select the Q13 or Q14 Program Code for Aboriginal Teacher Ed Community-Based (P/J).
  2. Send an email to educstudentservices@queensu.ca with your name and email address to obtain a payment voucher. The payment voucher is to be applied towards the OUAC and Queen’s application fees specific to this program. You must obtain the voucher before paying the fees, reimbursements will not be issued.
  3. Login to your OUAC Account and input the payment voucher number to complete the application payment.

If you have questions about the ATEP Community-based program offerings and/or the application process, please contact Student Services, the MNS Community-based program site, or the ATEP Office:

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program Office

Manitoulin-North Shore ATEP
M'Chigeeng, Ontario
Natasha Abotossaway