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How to Apply - Aboriginal Teacher Education Community-Based Program 

Applicants to the Primary-Junior Aboriginal Teacher Education Community-Based program will need to submit official transcripts from each institution attended, and the following four documents, after submitting their application to the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) of the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). All documents must be submitted to Student Services.

  1. Complete the online Aboriginal Teacher Education Applicant Information Form (the information collected is kept confidential and is used to maintain data on
    Aboriginal admissions).
  2. The Statement of Aboriginal Experience.
  3. A résumé providing a clear and concise overview of both (a) your academic background, and (b) work experience.
  4. Reference letters from two respected members of your Aboriginal community (e.g., Elders, Community Leaders, Work Supervisors, Social/School Counsellors,
    Educators, Director of local Friendship Centres). The referees must be able to comment on Aboriginal community contributions which you have made, and your
    potential to serve in the field of Aboriginal education. Only original letters in a sealed envelope, containing original signatures, will be accepted.

2018-19 Key Dates and Deadlines

1 February 2018 - TEAS online application deadline

15 February 2018 - Deadline for receipt of official transcripts.

1 March 2018 - Queen's sends offers of admission for ATEP Community-Based Program.

15 March 2018 - Deadline to accept Queen's offers of admission through TEAS.

30 June 2018 - Deadline for applicants with conditional offers to submit final transcripts indicating completion of required and/or recommended courses and/or degree conferral.

Application Fees

To reduce a potential barrier for applicants to the ATEP Community-Based program, the Faculty of Education will be paying the base OUAC/TEAS application fee (maximum $156) and waiving the Queen’s supplemental fee (maximum $80) on behalf of the applicant.  

*Applicants are encouraged to apply to any Teacher Education program. However, if an applicant to the Q14 ATEP Community-Based (P/J) program is applying to other programs/choices through OUAC/TEAS, the commitment of Queen’s Faculty of Education to subsidize the application fees will only extend to the Q14 program. If an applicant applies to more than the Q14 program, it is the responsibility of the applicant to pay all OUAC/TEAS upfront. Queen’s will reimburse applicants for the Q14 portion of application fees. Questions should be addressed to Education Student Services.

Steps to Apply

  1. Create an account through Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) and select the Q14 Program Code for Aboriginal Teacher Ed Community-Based (P/J).
  2. Send an email to Student Services with your name, email address and OUAC number.
  3. Wait for further instruction from the Student Services Office. 

If you have questions about the ATEP Community-based program offerings and/or the application process, please contact Student Services, the MNS Community-based program site, or the ATEP Office:

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program Office

Manitoulin-North Shore ATEP
M'Chigeeng, Ontario
Natasha Abotossaway

Apply Now

Equity Admissions for Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Education

Queen’s University attempts each year to admit a student body reflective of the general population of Canada. The Faculty of Education has developed an admission policy regarding equitable representation of groups that are underrepresented in the teaching profession, and has reserved a number of equity admission places in the Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Education Programs. Those who complete the voluntary Equity Admission form will be considered both under the general admission procedure and under the equity admission policy.

International Transcripts (Bachelor of Education/Diploma of Education Admissions)

For the Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Education, applicants who obtained a degree from a foreign institution (from non-Canadian or American institutions) must have all international official transcripts evaluated by World Education Services (WES) (ICAP course-by-course assessment).

Note that it can take upwards of six weeks for WES to receive official transcripts from a foreign academic institution, after which point the WES evaluation can take a week or longer to complete. Applicants should begin the evaluation process as early as possible.

Ensure you are on the Canadian page (a maple leaf in the banner). Applicants are responsible for the costs associated with the WES evaluation and any translation required. Applicants must request that WES evaluations be sent directly to Student Services by the official transcript deadline.

If you have questions, please contact Student Services.

Note: the Ontario College of Teachers set their own document and assessment requirements and policies, which may be different from the requirements noted in this policy. Completion of the B.Ed. degree requirements does not guarantee a teaching certificate. All graduates who apply to the Ontario College of Teachers must meet all their requirements. Current licensing requirements may be found on the web at oct.ca.