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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education
Amir H. Rasooli

Amir Rasooli

PhD in Education

Major Field



Chris DeLuca

Research Interests

Born and raised in Iran, Amir has completed his BA in English Translation at his hometown Zanjan University and his MA in English Language Teaching at the University of Tehran. Amir has just moved to Canada to pursue his interest in the field of Educational Assessment. Amir is currently a first-year PhD student in Education, with funding through an international fellowship provided by Queen’s University. Amir’s research focuses on developing the theory and practice of classroom assessment in general, and framing a conceptualization of fairness in classroom assessment through the lens of a social psychology theory of justice. To this end, Amir and his colleagues conducted a systematic review of fairness in assessment literature and beyond to develop a classroom-centric theory for fairness in classroom assessment. As next steps, Amir will be developing a conceptualization of classroom assessment fairness through the social psychology theory of justice and begin studying how fairness can be understood and measured empirically within classroom assessment contexts.

Publications and Presentations

Rasooli, A. H., Zandi, H., & DeLuca, C. (2018). Re-conceptualizing classroom assessment fairness: A systematic meta-ethnography of assessment literature and beyond. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 56, 164-181.

Rasooli, A. H., Zandi, H., & DeLuca, C. (submitted). Conceptualizing Fairness in Classroom Assessment: Exploring the Value of Organizational Justice Theory.

Rasooli, A. H., DeLuca, C., Rasegh, A., & Fathi, S. (in preparation). Conceptualizing Classroom Assessment Fairness: Exploring Iranian Students’ Perspectives.

Rasooli, A. H., & Zandi, H., (2017). Conceptualizing Classroom Assessment Fairness: A Systematic Meta ethnography of Assessment Literature. Paper presentation in 15th International Conference of Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran.

Alavi, S. M. & Rasooli, A. H., (2016). Reconceptualization of Fairness in Classroom-based Assessment. Paper presentation at the Third Asian Association for Language Assessment Conference.

Rasooli, A. H., Rasegh, A. & Fathi, S. (2016). Students’ Perception of Classroom Assessment Fairness in Higher Education. Paper presentation at the University of Tehran International Conference on English Language Teaching.


2017-2021 PhD student in Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
2014-2016 Master of English Language Teaching, University of Tehran
2010-2014 Bachelor in English Translation, Zanjan University