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Lee Wetherall: Receiving Alumni Association Award for Holiday Hugs

Lee WetherallLee Wetherall, a Faculty of Education alumna (B.Ed.’76) and President of the Kingston Branch of the Queen’s University Alumni Association, is receiving the Initiative of the Year Award from the Alumni Association on behalf of her Branch for her work on Holiday Hugs, an event which saw 20 alumni hand out over 500 chocolate hugs to students studying for exams last holiday season. Alumni delivered chocolate holiday hugs and gave students a card which explained the act, along with a warm, holiday smile.

Lee worked with the executive of the Kingston Branch of the Alumni Association to create an event that would connect alumni members with current students. In coming up with the idea, Lee explains they were “looking to create a warm, welcoming and comforting environment for Queen’s student on campus.”

The event had a great response from students. The alumni made personal connections with students, spoke about their studies, and some even exchanged real hugs.

They will be hosting the event again this December 17 aiming to have 25-30 alumni hand out even more chocolate hugs!

Lee will be honoured by the Queen’s University Alumni Association at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 2, 2016.

For more information, see the Queen’s Alumni news story Alumni Branches Are Giving Back This Holiday Season.

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