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Sam Gennidakis: Coordinating the Red Door Family Shelter

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Sam Gennidakis (B.Sc. '03, B.Ed. '04, M.Sc. '07) embraces new learning experiences with enthusiasm and shares his knowledge with his staff and clients at The Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto. He’s the kind of person who “learns for the sake of learning” with the intention of enriching his life through continued education.

He credits the Faculty of Education for showing him that opportunities can be found everywhere, and that the traditional career path is only one option.

For 13 years, Sam has volunteered at the Teachers’ Overseas Recruitment Fair (TORF) held at Queen’s every year, where he has seen first-hand how the Faculty encourages and supports teachers to seek out opportunities all over the world.

“I believe in what the faculty has been doing - offering novel experiences, providing an opportunity for people to see varying perspectives. That has helped to shape my own career path.”

As Administrative Coordinator at the Red Door Family Shelter he provides his varied skill set in support of the Executive Director and the agency’s varied administrative functions while also managing both the in-kind donation and moving programs, all in an attempt to improve the lives of the shelter’s clients.

Since 1982, the Red Door Family Shelter has provided services for families and individuals who need safe and supportive emergency shelter. It has grown to be one of the largest family shelters in the city, providing shelter and support to over 500 families every year.

Sam has had a variety of jobs throughout his young life, including factory and office work. After he completed his Master’s he studied cooking at George Brown College for a year, while continuing to work. Each of these experiences has added another layer of knowledge and skills to Sam’s credentials and he happily applies everything he’s learned to his role at the shelter.

“All the facets of my various types of learning have contributed to my work here at the shelter."

An educated and caring person results in someone who really does make a difference in the world. Sam Gennidakis is definitely one of those people.

Sam Gennidakis