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Jordan Press: Parliamentary Reporter

Jordan PressJordan Press (M.Ed. ’11) likes a challenge. While others might have been content with a journalism degree from Ryerson and being a reporter for the Kingston Whig Standard, Jordan decided to return to school and study for a Master’s in Education at Queen’s. That decision came after his three-week hike in Nepal – another testament to his need for a challenge – in 2009.

“I had been a reporter for three and a half years and was beginning to feel a little bored. My mother is a retired teacher and I’ve always been interested in education,” he says.

It's a decision he has not regretted. During his two years at the Faculty of Education, Jordan was encouraged to think creatively, and to explore a subject that most captured his imagination, news literacy, the topic of his Master’s thesis.

Throughout it all, he formed close bonds with fellow students and with professors that still exist today. He grew to appreciate the small but strong community that made his time at Queen’s so successful.

“When I was defending my thesis proposal all my classmates showed up to offer their support, which floored me. My supervisor Rebecca Luce-Kapler didn’t tell me what to do or how to make changes but instead pointed me in the right direction to come up with my own solutions. The faculty are really good at encouraging students to think creatively and to challenge themselves.”

As a parliamentary reporter with the Ottawa Citizen, Jordan reflects on how his education has prepared him for his role as the “senate guy” – his beat is the Senate of Canada.

“I use a lot of the skills I learned at Queen’s in my job all the time, from critical thinking, to interpersonal skills to research skills.”

Jordan has also presented on news literacy to Ryerson, his alma mater, and was invited to present a paper to the Poynter Institute, a US-based journalism school and think tank.

Jordan obviously continues to seek challenge in his life. Looking ahead, he considers the possibility of teaching journalism, after he’s “spent a few more years in the working world and has more life experience.”