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Vicky Marrack – Entrepreneur and Co-founder

Vicky MarrackWith a love for travel, a passion for teaching and a bright entrepreneurial spirit, Vicky Marrack (M.Ed. ’06) has found a niche in her own company, Tangible Words. The content marketing company, which she began with her spouse, Alysha Dominico (B.AH. ’04, B.Ed. ’05) helps customers “be true to themselves, honest with their customers, and free up more time to do the things they love.”

“Doing the things she loves” seems to be Vicky’s guiding principle throughout life. After completing a B.Sc. at the University of Guelph, she chose to continue her studies at the University of Melbourne in Australia and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Education (Math and Chemistry).

“I loved learning when I was a child and I wanted to share this enthusiasm in the classroom. Travelling is a passion of mine so teaching and travelling was a great fit - Ontario isn’t the only place you can teach!”

She returned to Australia after completing her M.Ed. at Queen’s where her entrepreneurial spirit alighted. She created an education company that helped Canadian and British teachers come to Australia to teach.

“I always wanted to make an impact on education outside of the classroom so I was not always focused on just teaching in the classroom. I achieved this when I started my own education company, Leading Out.”

Back in Canada, having sold her Australian company to a Queen’s alumna in 2011, Vicky co-founded Tangible Words, where she constantly draws on the education and experience gained from her time at Queen’s.

“The intellectual conversations with classmates and professors continually challenged my ideas and thoughts. It led me to develop a philosophy of education for myself, which I’ve taken to every subsequent role. The pedagogy we learned while at Queen’s is a cornerstone of every workshop and webinar we run for fellow businesses in Ontario and Australia.”

On a personal note, Vicky’s Queen’s experience was rich and lively. She formed life-long friendships with classmates and professors and met her future wife, Alysha there. She says, “As of this year, we’ve been married for nine years, and we have a two-year old son, Bailey and another child on the way!”

Vicky, Alysha and their son