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Alumni Returns With Students To Give Back

October 28, 2019
By Communications Team

Daniel and his class at the food cupboard

In 2018, Daniel Troisi, then a teacher candidate in technological education, led a group of  fellow students to create a community cupboard to address food insecurity at the Faculty. The “Queen’s Community Cupboard” is an accessible space near Jean Royce Hall where students can find non-perishable food and school supplies donated by the community. A year after graduating, Daniel returned to Duncan McArthur Hall with his own students.

Mr. Troisi now teaches in the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program at St. Peter’s Secondary School in Peterborough, Ontario. SHSM meets every morning for a semester, earning the students a credit in religion, hospitality and tourism, and a college credit with Fleming College. On Friday, October 18th, the entire SHSM class traveled to Kingston to visit St. Lawrence College, tour the restaurants and tourism spots in downtown Kingston, and, of course, stop by the Faculty of Education to see the community cupboard and make a donation. Mr. Troisi spoke to the students about creating the community cupboard when he was a student – emphasizing its purpose-driven design and the importance of giving back to the community – before the students made their donations.

The Community Cupboard continues to be an important service in the Faculty to support students in need and demonstrates the impact experiential learning projects can have on students, alumni, and the wider community, even after graduation.