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NSERC PROMOScience Grant Brings the Mathematics Midway to Science Rendezvous 2016

Lynda ColganDr. Lynda Colgan, Coordinator of the Faculty’s Community Outreach Centre, has been awarded an NSERC PROMOScience Grant ($20,000) to support the addition of The Mathematics Midway at Science Rendezvous Kingston 2016.

An annual national one-day festival of free events, Science Rendezvous showcases the passion and importance of science and makes it accessible to the public. The primary audience is families with children, but the hands-on activities and exhibits appeal to people of all ages. Science Rendezvous Kingston 2016 will be held at The Rogers K-Rock Centre on May 7, 2016.

Dr. Colgan explained that the Math Midway will feature three carnival bigtops on The Tragically Hip Way. In one, there will be giant tangram puzzles; in another, there will be giant pentomino puzzles; and, in the third, a giant Tower of Hanoi puzzle. 

A giant pentomino puzzle

She noted that:

“The highlight of the Math Midway will be the square-wheeled tricycles that people will have an opportunity to ride. There will be four tricycles: two for children and two for adults. The tricycles will have their very own roadway and we will keep track of the kilometres travelled over the day.”

Visitors to Science Rendezvous Kingston 2016 will receive special take-home packages that include tangrams, pentominoes, and Tower of Hanoi puzzles as well as instructions for making a square-wheeled cart at home. After Science Rendezvous Kingston 2016, the Math Midway materials will be available to local schools for Family Math nights.

According to Dean Rebecca Luce-Kapler:

“Science Rendezvous has become an extremely important event to the Kingston community, involving children, their parents, grandparents and friends, as well as local scientists and educators. Thanks to Lynda Colgan and her team, this unique event has grown every year since it was first held at Queen’s University in 2011 and, with 4000 attendees and 350 volunteers, it is now the largest Science Rendezvous event in Canada.”

The Faculty is grateful to all of the organizations, foundations, businesses, individuals and volunteers who are able to support activities such as Science Rendezvous. Each and every award and gift makes a real difference.

Parent and child looking at a giant tangram puzzle