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Education Career Services

Our Education Career Services team is here to help Queen’s teacher candidates and alumni with their career decisions and job search strategies – whether they are hoping to teach in Ontario, across Canada or internationally, or are looking for employment outside of the teaching profession.. We organize a number of career and employment events and workshops at our Faculty throughout the year to help our teacher candidates plan for their future careers.

For those looking for international teaching opportunities, we provide Teaching Overseas Placement Services (online) and our annual Teachers’ Overseas Recruiting Fair. These services are open to any teacher with an undergraduate degree and teaching certification in the K-12 range from Canada or the U.S.

For Queen's Teacher Candidates

We offer career and employment advising related to:

  • Teaching in Canada
  • Teaching Internationally
  • Related Careers
  • Career Development and Advancement

Our advisors also offer a variety of services including:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshops
  • Interview Preparation Workshops
  • On-campus recruiting events
  • Employment opportunities, both domestic and international
Teaching Overseas Placement Services

Our Teaching Overseas Employment Services are for Queen’s teacher candidates and experienced teachers from Canada and the U.S. who are looking for international teaching jobs. For almost 30 years, we’ve been providing a collegial and supportive environment in which teachers are partnered with leading international schools to create inspiring opportunities for personal, professional and organizational growth.

Our annual Teaching Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF) is the main event of our international services. Register for TORF online or contact our office for details if you are interested in teaching overseas. 

Contact Us

Location & Mailing Address

Duncan McArthur Hall, Room A112
511 Union Street, Queen's University
Kingston ON K7M 5R7

Contact Information

E-mail: ed.careers@queensu.ca
Phone: 613-533-6222
Fax: 613-533-6203


8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


  • Bob Burge, Director, Student and Support Services, 613.533.6205
  • Elspeth Morgan, Careers and Employment Advisor, 613.533.3023
  • Pam Briand, Careers and Employment Advisor, 613.533.6201

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