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  • Seated students in the auditorium raise their arms and cheer.

    Teacher candidates cheering at the Opening Ceremony 2014.

  • A man standing on stage in the auditorium, speaking to seated students. The screen behind him reads, "Get the Most Out of It: Ask questions, Challenge yr [sic] beliefs"

    Alumnus Jovan Groen (BEd'06, MEd'09) delivers the keynote address.

  • Three students and the kilted Associate Dean sing and dance arm-in-arm.

    ConEd students and Associate Dean Peter Chin teach the Oil Thigh.

  • Kilted band members march behind the Canadian Flag.

    Queen's Bands perform at the Opening Day lunch.

  • Students singing arm-in-arm.

    Teacher candidates singing the Oil Thigh.

  • Orientation leaders stand and speak to a group of new students seated on the lawn behind Grant Hall.

    ConEd Teaches welcome the new ConEd class of 2018.

  • The Associate Dean addressing seated students outdoors.

    Associate Dean Rebecca Luce-Kapler at the Grad Studies Meet & Greet.

  • Graduate students sitting around tables outdoors.

    New and returning students at the Grad Studies Meet & Greet.

  • Students and faculty members sitting at a table outside.

    Faculty and graduate students at the Grad Studies Meet & Greet.

  • A man sitting with his laptop in a chair under a tree by a lake.

    Yongfei Wu at the Graduate Studies Dissertation on the Lake Retreat.

Grad Student Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight