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Those who supervise and teach in the graduate program are listed by field under Researcher Profiles.

Berg, Derek
Associate Professor of Special Education
Bolden, Ben
Associate Professor of Music Education
Bruno-Jofré, Rosa
Professor of History of Education
Burney, Shehla
Associate Professor of Education
Liying ChengCheng, Liying
Professor of Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language
Chin, Jane
Assistant Professor of Secondary English Methods
Chin, Peter
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Coordinator of Technological Education
Christie, Cathy
Associate Professor of Science Education
Christou, Theodore
Assistant Professor of Social Studies
Colgan, Lynda
Associate Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education
Cooper, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership
Deir, Ellie
Assistant Professor of Elementary Social Studies Education
Deir, Paul
Lecturer in Language and Literacy Education
DeLuca, Christopher
Assistant Professor of Classroom Assessment
Elliott, Stephen
Dean of Education, Co-coordinator of Artist in Community Education
Freeman, John
Professor of Education
Hill, Ann Marie
Professor of Technological Education
Hutchinson, Nancy
Professor of Education
Johnston, Aynne
Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts Education, Co-coordinator of Artist in Community Education
Klinger, Don
Professor of Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation
Kutsyuruba, Benjamin
Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership, and School Law
Lawrence, Diane
Associate Professor of Elementary Science Education
Lee, Elizabeth
Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Education
Luce-Kapler, Rebecca
Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Research
MacEachren, Elizabeth (Zabe)
Associate Professor of Outdoor and Experiential Education, OEE Coordinator
Martin, Andrea
Associate Professor of Inclusive Education and Teacher Development
McDuff, Joan
Lecturer in Elementary Mathematics
Morcom, Lindsay
Assistant Professor, ATEP Coordinator
Myers, Marie J.
Professor of Applied Linguistics/Language and Communication
Pyper, Jamie
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Reeve, Richard
Assistant Professor of Information and Communication Technology
Roblin, Nancy
Associate Professor of Development of Children and Adolescents
Russell, Tom
Professor of Science Education and Teacher Development
Sharkawy, Azza
Associate Professor of Elementary Science Education
Solar, Angela
Lecturer in Elementary Visual Arts Education
Upitis, Rena
Professor of Arts Education
White, Fiona
Lecturer in Education, Co-ordinator, Queen's-Trent Concurrent Education

Emeritus Faculty

Kirby, John
Professor Emeritus of Psychology of Education
Lewis, Magda
Professor Emerita of Educational Contexts
Munby, Hugh
Professor Emeritus of Education
O'Farrell, Larry
Professor Emeritus of Arts Education and UNESCO Chair in Arts & Learning
Rees, Ruth
Professor Emerita of Education
Shulha, Lyn
Professor Emerita of Evaluation, Planning and Assessment
Smith, Howard
Professor Emeritus of Educational Philosophy
Smithrim, Katharine
Professor Emerita of Arts Education
Welch, Malcom
Professor Emeritus of Technological Education
Wilson, Robert
Professor Emeritus of Education

Cross Appointed

Babbitt, Susan — Associate Professor (Cross-Appointed from Philosophy)
Côté, Jean — Professor (Cross-Appointed from Physical and Health Education)
Duffin, Jacalyn — Hannah Professor in History of Medicine (Cross-Appointed to Education, History, Philosophy)
Frederickson, Karen — Associate Professor (Cross-Appointed from School of Music)
Lamb, Roberta — Associate Professor (Cross-Appointed from School of Music)
Laverty, Cory — Head, Education Library (Cross-Appointed)
Levine-Rasky, Cynthia — Associate Professor (Cross-Appointed from Sociology)
Stockley, Denise — Professor (Cross-Appointed from Centre for Teaching and Learning)
Taylor, Peter — Professor (Cross-Appointed from Mathematics & Statistics)