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Kalli Dakos: Waxing Poetic with Children

Kalli Dakos signing her book.

Kalli Dakos waxes poetic with children. She likes to turn words, especially school-related words into poetry to help children learn the joy of word play.

She has written many collections of school poems, including five IRA-CBC Children’s Choice selections: Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig, If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand, Don’t Read This Book Whatever You Do!, The Goof Who Invented Homework and The Bug in Teacher’s Coffee. Ms. Dakos's newest book, A Funeral in the Bathroom, was released this year.

Ms. Dakos is a former classroom teacher and reading specialist who has taught in Kingston, Inuvik, Reno, Syracuse and Fairfax, Virginia. She visits schools all over the United States and Canada, and is now working internationally in schools as far away as Hong Kong.

The cover of "A Funeral in the Bathroom".