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The Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory (ACAI) is an instrument to help educators determine and develop their approach to classroom assessment. Teachers who complete the ACAI will receive a personalize assessment profile that describes their approach to assessment. This profile can be used to reflect on assessment practices, identify learning goals, and engage in directed professional development. Researchers and teachers educators can use the ACAI to support teacher development towards greater assessment literacy.

The ACAI was developed by a research team at the Queen’s Faculty of Education led by Dr. Christopher DeLuca and funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

More about the ACAI

The survey uses scenario-based questions design to analyze teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment. Given this format, there are no correct answers. Rather, teachers are asked to select their priority response to each scenario based. The scenarios can also be used to stimulate professional conversations about assessment and learn about principles and processes for student assessment. 

In addition to scenario questions, the ACAI also asks teachers to identify areas of perceived skill and targeted areas for future learning. Combined, this information provides a useful basis for engaging in continued assessment learning. There are four parts to the ACAI:
Part 1: Five scenario-based questions
Part 2: Questions about areas of perceived skill 
Part 3: Questions about professional learning interests
Part 4: Questions about teaching background

Using the ACAI

The ACAI can be used by teachers, researchers, and teacher educators to investigate and support educator assessment literacy. 

Teachers: What is your approach to classroom assessment? The ACAI takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. At the end of the ACAI, you will be given a personalized profile that describes your approach to classroom assessment in relation to four dimensions: (a) your approach to assessment purposes, (a) your approach to assessment processes, (c) your approach to assessment fairness, and (d) your approach to measurement theory. 

Researchers: Do you want to research teacher assessment literacy? The ACAI can be a useful tool to investigate teachers’ approaches to assessment. You can aggregate data from teacher populations in relation to teachers’ responses to assessment scenarios, perceived skill in assessment, areas for future learning, and modes for professional development. If you are interested in using the ACAI for research purposes, our research team can help you tailor the instrument to your needs. Please contact: cdeluca@queensu.ca

Teacher Educators: Do you want to support teacher learning in assessment? Whether you are a pre-service teacher educator or facilitate in-service professional development, the ACAI can help you assesses and monitor teacher learning in assessment. The ACAI also provides information on areas for targeted assessment education and preferred modes of professional learning. If you would like support in using the ACAI for teacher education, please contact: cdeluca@queesu.ca

More Assessment Research

The ACAI has been developed and validated through several research studies. For additional information on research papers visit: www.cdeluca.com 
For additional information about the ACAI or other assessment research at Queen’s please contact:
Dr. Christopher DeLuca
Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
Email: cdeluca@queensu.ca
Web: www.cdeluca.com

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